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Brunel helped build the Ark

White Paper Published By: Ark Continuity
Ark Continuity
Published:  Oct 05, 2010
Type:  White Paper
Length:  7 pages

The first phase of the initial data centre building, known as SQ17 (comprising 3,944m² of raised-floor Tier III accommodation), will be completed in November 2009. This facility, with high-efficiency power systems and freecooling chillers, will offer a design yearly average PUE1 of 1.45. However, it is the next stage of development that will prove to be one of the most energyefficient data facilities in the world - achieving a PUE of under 1.2 without introducing fresh air into the data rooms. At the heart of the design is the use of a vast underground space at a stable temperature of 9oC (a highly secure, cool, subterranean complex) and an aquifer augmented by groundwater recharge from the surface facilities.

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low carbon, data centre, construction, dr ian bitterlin, high integrity