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The Myths and Facts About Windows PC Slowdown

White Paper Published By: iolo technologies, LLC
iolo technologies, LLC
Published:  Nov 04, 2010
Type:  White Paper
Length:  17 pages

Fast-running Windows workstations are crucial to the operation of any business. Owners, managers, and IT staff know how important it is to respond quickly when a workstation goes down and productivity is halted. Systems that do not crash so dramatically but simply run slowly also act as a drag on profits. Businesses need to get better at preventing slowdowns in the first place. For this strategy to work, those responsible for maintenance and tune-up need to be fully versed in the root causes of PC slowdowns and must be well armed with the most efficient tools for detecting and preventing these situations. In this white paper, iolo technologies shares its extensive research on the Nine Root Causes of PC Slowdowns, and its innovative, award-winning methods for keeping all nine from impacting the productivity of your business. In addition to speeding up critical systems, businesses will also save time and money by extending the useful life of their workstations.

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