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Agile Transformation Strategy

White Paper Published By: CollabNet
Published:  Dec 20, 2011
Type:  White Paper
Length:  11 pages

As organizations seek to improve return on investment and manage project risk more effectively, more companies are turning to Agile Product Development methods such as Scrum to achieve these goals. There is not, however, a prescriptive or simplistic solution for making this transition. Like Scrum itself, the process of moving an organization to an Agile framework is best achieved using an iterative approach that employs frequent inspect-and-adapt cycles. Based on CollabNet's extensive experience working with organizations all over the globe, we have defined a Path to Agility which represents, at a high level, a typical transition to Agile patterns. The Path to Agility is supported by CollabNet services and tools. As a comprehensive approach, this tactical and strategic blending of offerings is crafted to help the organization move down the Path to Agility as effectively as possible. Truly, one-size does not fit all when it comes to wide-scale organizational change. Scrum principles show that difficult and complex projects require iterative or empirical process controls rather than simple linear steps. Therefore, each organization embarking on an Agile Transformation should work closely with an Agile Coach to determine the best path to address their unique goals and challenges.

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