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An Overview of Okta's Multifactor Authentication Capability

White Paper Published By: Okta
Published:  Jan 06, 2012
Type:  White Paper
Length:  6 pages

These days securing access to cloud applications is critical, yet the current approach that relies solely on single passwords leaves business applications highly susceptible to compromise. A recent study by Internet security company BitDefender showed that 75 percent of social networking user name and password samples collected online were identical to those used for email accounts, indicating widespread reuse of passwords across multiple applications. Coupled with the number of recent large-scale thefts, including Electronic Arts and LastPass, user credentials -- and as a result, enterprise security -- are more vulnerable than ever. It's clear that relying simply on passwords to secure access to business critical applications is not sufficient.

The Okta MFA solution addresses the growing demand from customers seeking a secure, yet cost-effective second form of authentication for employees to access their business-critical applications as part of their SSO experience. It includes flexible factor options, such as security questions and an Okta-developed and supported soft token that runs on market-leading smartphones and can be used to secure any application managed by the Okta service

Read this whitepaper to find out more how to secure your cloud based applications using Okta's MFA solution.

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