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Email Infrastructure: Case Study ESP: Communicator Corp

Case Study Published By: Port25 Solutions
Port25 Solutions
Published:  Mar 27, 2012
Type:  Case Study
Length:  4 pages

Communicator Corporation is an ESP with a different approach to email
delivery. Unlike other ESPs, they allow each client to take ownership of their
deliverability, which helps clients understand and appreciate that delivery is
not just something for which their ESP is responsible. Rather, delivery is a
result of proper data hygiene and depends upon how and where the data
is collected and segmented. We talk about data hygiene with clients a lot.
Poor data hygiene is the number one reason that legitimate, permission
based marketing ends up in the junk folder. Too many marketers don’t
remove abandoned addresses from their mailing lists. That said, the quality
and the relevancy of an email campaign correlates directly with stellar
deliverability and, ultimately, the responsiveness of the list itself.

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