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Network Storage From A to Z Data storage solutions for the small- to medium-sized business

White Paper Published By: Iomega InfoCenter
Iomega InfoCenter
Published:  May 17, 2012
Type:  White Paper
Length:  31 pages

Not so long ago, there was a clear distinction between the data storage needs of small businesses and those of their larger counterparts. Small businesses depended mostly on storage contained in PCs scattered around the office, with maybe a small Windows PC or server used to share files and print services. Most small businesses lacked an IT staff or anyone with the expertise to dive into any complex technology. If files were unavailable for a few hours or even a day, it was an inconvenience, not a disaster. Mostly large enterprises had complex networking infrastructures, with stringent security and performance requirements.

The line between the storage needs of small and larger businesses has blurred dramatically in the past decade. Today's small organizations find themselves tackling many of the same storage issues as their larger counterparts, including:

  • How to Meet Exploding Storage Requirements
  • How to Protect Mission-Critical Data
  • How to Reduce or Eliminate Downtime
  • How to Fulfill Stringent Audit and Regulatory Requirements
  • How to keep your premises secure at an affordable price How to copy and backup information from one location to another

In this eBook you will learn about the efficient, economical ways to address the small business storage issues outlined above without busting the small business budget or hiring an IT department.

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