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Taking I.T. Agile With Server Virtualization

White Paper Published By: CDW
Published:  Nov 12, 2012
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

It's a common request of the IT department: Do more with less.

Technology teams in most organizations must respond to increasing demands to support applications and meet the evolving needs of both internal and external users. However, IT budgets have not grown proportionally - if at all, in many cases. Tech staffs must aggressively seek ways to stretch those budgets.

This technology in use also must be more agile than in years past. National and local economies have become more volatile than ever. Technological innovations in social media and mobility are changing the rules by which markets operate seemingly overnight. Natural and human-caused disasters wreak unpredictable havoc.

To help organizations survive and thrive in this environment of near-constant change, the technology they use must be able to adapt quickly to sudden shifts in application workloads. 

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