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Managing Product Content for Omni-Channel Commerce

White Paper Published By: hybris software
hybris software
Published:  Mar 04, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  14 pages

In recent years, the rise of omni-channel commerce and proli-feration of digital channels have precipitated seismic shifts in consumer behavior. Customers who might have previously been motivated by brand loyalty are now faced with a superabun-dance of shopping options and limited time to navigate them – a scenario that promotes more carefully considered purchasing decisions in response to precise desires and requirements.

Embracing effective product content managementis the fi rst step towards empowering customers with relevant, real-time information to drive conversions and close sales. Whether a customer is conducting in-store research on a tablet or smart-phone, or comparison shopping from a computer at home, product content is critical to the pre-purchase process. For both B2B and B2C businesses, leveraging product content con-sistently across multiple channels and customer experiences is the key to meeting the customers’ expectations and creating a competitive advantage. An effective product content strategy coupled with the right technology can foster the seamless cus-tomer dialogue intrinsic to omni-channel success.

This paper explores the deepening relationship between pro-duct content and conversion, and offers strategies for using content to gain an intimate understanding of customer needs. It also combines practical advice and best practice insights on ways to leverage product content to engage and capture the contemporary customer, and provides a roadmap for busines-ses in the process of implementing a successful product con-tent management strategy. Most importantly, it illustrates how product content management can strengthen customer relati-onships and pave the way for exponential omni-channel growth.

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