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Tribold CPQ Product Demonstration

Webinar Published By: Tribold.com
Published:  May 09, 2013
Type:  Webinar
Length:  2 pages

Tribold CPQ is a Configure Price Quote (CPQ) services engine that powers the front end of the Quoting and Order Capture process. It makes the revenue critical Order-to-Install process product-aware by providing the backbone to intelligently guide customers, partners and sales representatives in selecting relevant products in response to their requirements.

The Business Challenge

To capitalize on new revenue opportunities companies need to:

* Accelerate speed to market for new offering

* Improve their conversion rates on offers

* Improve their efficiency in the fulfilment of orders

* Resolve time lag and loopholes between Product / Offer definition and Order processing

Tribold CPQ Solution
Tribold CPQ provides the core product definition, pricing, rules enforcement and product-to-service order decomposition to the Quoting, Order Capture and Order Management functions using its purpose-built CPQ services:

* Product classification & selection

*Product configuration

*Eligibility validation

*Cross-sell / Up-sell

*Quote validation

*Order decomposition


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