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Privileged Users: Managing Hidden Risk in Your Organization

White Paper Published By: NETIQ
Published:  Sep 09, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  2 pages

While insider breaches have happened for years, many organizations find themselves asking a serious question: Are we at risk? The answer comes down to a group known as “privileged users” within your organization. Every company has them, but who are they? How much exposure do they bring? And, most importantly, how can you control them?

Nearly 70% of 47,000 security incidents examined by Verizon were caused by “internal actors,” the majority of which were the result of errors on the part of a privileged user or misuse of access. This free flash point paper explains a few simple rules that can reduce your privileged user risk, as well as the things you should consider when implementing a solution to help you control these privileged users.

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