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Beyond Passwords & Outdated Physical Access Systems

White Paper Published By: Entrust Datacard
Entrust Datacard
Published:  Oct 31, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  22 pages

In the 1980s, car-theft prevention consisted entirely of locking car doors. A thief with a bent coat hanger could easily bypass a lock and, with rudimentary skills, access the exposed ignition wires, hotwire the starter and drive away.

Smart credentials eliminate the inherent weaknesses and costs of password authentication, and bypass the risk posed by legacy physical card-access systems.

Smart credentials let you provide secure access to computer networks (logical access) and buildings (physical access).The purpose of this white paper is to:

  • Discuss the advantages of using smart credentials for multifunction access
  • Describe the hardware and software components used in a smart credential environment
  • Provide questions to ask when searching for a smart credential solution provider

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entrust, security, smart credentials, multifunction access, password authentication, software development