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Optimize Your Data Center by Making Your Network Smarter

White Paper Published By: Alcatel-Lucent
Published:  Dec 02, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  5 pages

Technology is vital for businesses. All businesses understand that simple fact. The challenge, however, is that today’s innovative technology seems to become tomorrow’s legacy technology in the blink of an eye. Businesses struggle to figure out which technologies are actually relevant, and how to keep up with the rapidly changing pace of innovation.

Consider the difference between the technology landscape today and the technologies businesses relied on just five years ago. The explosion of mobile devices, virtualization tools, and streaming audio and video have rapidly transformed how, when, and where people communicate, collaborate, and get things done—at least for those organizations equipped to take advantage of new technologies.

The question that businesses need to ask themselves is, “Is my data center designed for yesterday’s technology, or tomorrow’s?”

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