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Are You Ready to Implement the New COSO Framework?

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Published:  Mar 06, 2014
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Take a few minutes right now to gain understanding of key organizational vulnerabilities regarding the new COSO framework by wrestling with tough questions like:

  • What separate communication channels exist to enable anonymous or confidential communication when normal channels are inoperative or ineffective?

  • How do you track remediation of deficiencies identified by auditors & regulators?

  • Does your organization periodically evaluate its risks, including fraud, across the entity and ensure various factors are considered in determining how to manage those risks?

Havenít had time to research the new COSO framework as thoroughly as youíd like? Less than 110% certain whether your organization will be found compliant with the new COSO framework? This piece is for you.

Do your due diligence. Youíll be happy you did.

Oh, and itís free, courtesy of the friendly, experts here at SC&H Group so thereís zero risk or obligation involved.

We hope you find it useful & we love brutally honest feedback, so donít be shy. Weíre real people & weíll respond to your note, promise.


And of course, weíll never share your information with any 3rd parties or SPAM you because SPAM is for jerks & jerks, we are not.

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