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Application Performance Management (APM) in the Age of Hybrid Cloud: Ten Key Findings

White Paper Published By: Dell Software
Dell Software
Published:  May 05, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  9 pages

ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMATM) analysts have been following the impact of Cloud on application management for more than five years. This paper highlights ten key takeaways from the most recent survey on the topic, conducted in October of 2013.

An assessment of the 2013–2014 technology landscape reveals an industry in flux. As a result, application management in general, and Application Performance Management (APM) in particular, are among today’s hottest topics in enterprise management.

While many IT organizations still lack a good answer for managing on-premise-delivered applications, the extension of application execution into the Cloud introduces a host of additional management concerns. At the same time, companies of every size are incorporating new application architectures into existing application systems, extending into the mobile world, and sharing application connectivity with converged networks carrying voice and video.

Each of these factors carries staffing, performance, and cost-related impacts, all of which are generating a new level of interest in the APM market. Public Cloud, in particular, introduces a host of APM challenges relating to relinquishment of visibility and control. This is complicated by the fact that, while businesses are increasingly extending the reach of the data center into the Cloud, many are still taking a largely manual approach to application management.

Gathering insight into such environments, and managing them as production services, are among the biggest challenges facing IT organizations today. Regardless of who delivers the service, IT still “gets the call” when users experience problems.

In this research survey, EMA analysts set out to identify and quantify the factors impacting IT organizations as companies increasingly embrace the Cloud. To gather this data, EMA surveyed more than 150 IT professionals with expertise in the APM space. The result is a wealth of detailed information about the ways in which businesses are delivering and managing both Cloud- and on-premise-hosted applications.

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