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Four Insights Proven to Increase Marketing Agility

White Paper Published By: ProofHQ
Published:  Aug 25, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  16 pages

As we have seen the marketing landscape evolve since ProofHQ first started out in 2007, we noticed there are marketing organizations able to manage this change better than others.

This has been caused by a constant evolution of digital marketing, an increasing need for cross-channel integration, and an “always on” focus for ROI. High-performing marketing teams are capable of handling more projects, with more collaborators, reacting in real time, across more channels while still meeting deadlines. We set out to learn how they are doing it.

To ensure we had a holistic picture, we surveyed individuals with various roles from organizations of all sizes, across various industries, in different geographies. With over 500 respondents we were able to analyze the the similarities and differences amongst teams to give us insights on what leads to high-performing teams.

So what did the research find? Marketing teams that are able to keep ahead of the curve are getting more technical people onto the team, by becoming more agile in their process, and they are directly managing systems to support it.

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