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Paperless Payroll: Three Reasons You Canít Afford Not to Offer It

White Paper Published By: CIC Plus
CIC Plus
Published:  Sep 23, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  10 pages

From the highly mobile and social-media-savvy Millennial and Gen X generations to the swelling share of the workforce who are Baby Boomers, todayís employees expect their benefits and payroll services to be delivered with the kind of personalization, ease, and anywhere/anytime access that they get from consumer websites.

Bearing all of that in mind, any organization that hopes to be a competitive employer of choice needs to take advantage of a cloud-based, paperless system for generating and storing pay stubs and the increasing amount of data that they contain. This e-book succinctly explains why thatís true and offers three points that prove the power of paperless payroll processing:

1. Employee empowerment through an online portal. Online portals for HR and payroll are no longer just  a trend among early adopters. Theyíre now touted as a tactic for HR to boost employee engagement.

2. Mobile access to pay stubs. Mobile-enabled HR process adoption has jumped 67 percent since 2012, with the biggest uses coming in payroll, recruiting, performance management, and learning and development processes.

3. Increased efficiency throughout the payroll process. Letís face it: HR is not a revenue generator. HR contributes to the bottom line by reducing expenses and curtailing costs. You can do that by being more efficient through an online pay stub solution thatís part of a more complete paperless payroll process.

Like their colleagues in marketing, todayís forward-thinking HR leaders recognize ó and are responding to ó the dramatic shifts occurring in employee demographics, social networking, online consumerism, and mobile computing and connectivity.

Differences in the way these employees approach work, work-life balance, employee loyalty, authority, and other important issues create challenges for leaders and managers. What they have in common is being part of a world that is moving faster and demands more connectivity ó at work and at home.


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