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Benefits of Real-Time Pervasive Network Intelligence for Today’s Cloudy Network Infrastructure

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Published:  Oct 02, 2014
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The modern applications delivery environment is distributed and dependent on data centers and network connectivity. Therefore, users are increasingly dependent on consistent network performance for day-to-day activities. Since the volume and speed of the traffic are dramatically increasing, they pose bigger operational challenges to managing performance, reliability, and user expectations of consistent quality of experience.

Unfortunately, the workflow and tools used by the operations teams were not designed for the scale, speed, and complexity of the modern environment. The operations teams lack real-time situational awareness and effective visibility into applications behavior and bottlenecks. Coarse metrics of average link utilization which are collected by SNMP obscure critical application miss behaviors, intermittencies and spikes. Also, troubleshooting by aggregating traffic and recording a large number of packets does not scale to the modern distributed environments where the traffic volume and speed are increasing exponentially. With lack of real-time visibility, today’s common workflow is reactive and addresses issues only after they have negatively impacted the end-users.

To regain control of the infrastructure, the operations teams need innovation. They demand integrated solutions for pervasive network intelligence, which combine real-time situational awareness, granular performance indicators, and proactive alerting of abnormal behaviors before they degrade to costly disruptions. Today’s distributed infrastructure architecture requires distributed visibility points across the entire network, which are controlled by a centralized software dashboard. The dashboard provides simple, unified and centralized access to key performance indicators, proactive alerts, and visualization of bottlenecks and mis-behaviors in real-time.

Operational efficiency with proactive and actionable information for better optimization with adaptive metrics can result in shorter time to resolution (TTR) of issues with interactive drilldown into any traffic pattern across the entire network in real-time.

Questions to address:

  • Why today’s operational workflow and monitoring tools are inadequate?
  • How would you address the operations efficiency gap where complexity, speed, and volume of traffic are increasing exponentially?
  • What is needed to find the “needle in the network haystack”?
  • What are the economic benefits of proactive real-time monitoring?
  • What pitfalls should a business avoid when implementing a network monitoring solution?
  • How can monitoring and optimizations solutions scale to meet future requirements?

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