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Workforce Management Trend Survey 2014-2015

White Paper Published By: Workforce Software
Workforce Software
Published:  Feb 02, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  19 pages

Find out how other organizations design, execute, and measure workforce management programs. 
Each year, Workforce Magazine surveys HR professionals on their top challenges and latest approaches to time, scheduling, leave management, and labor compliance. Find out what nearly 1000 of HR respondents had to say about - 

  • What factors are increasing the workload and business risk of labor compliance.
  • How employers are shaping workforce management policies to better attract and
  • enable top talent .
  • Why employee fatigue is a serious concern, and what programs are being used to address it.
  • How the cloud, labor analytics, and other big ideas are placing new demands on workforce management systems.

Find out today! Download the Workforce Management Trend Survey now! 

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