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Making DCIM work for Data Center Professionals

Free Offer Published By: CA Technologies
CA Technologies
Published:  Feb 24, 2015
Type:  Free Offer

Sponsor: CA Technologies

Presenters: Jennifer Koppy, Research Director, IDC's Datacenter Trends & Strategies; Dhesi Ananchaperumal, SVP of Engineering for Infrastructure Management Solutions, CA Technologies

Moderator: Bill Kleyman, Director of Strategy and Innovation, MTM Technologies. 

6 Reasons Why You Should Watch:

  1. Stay updated on the best approaches for DCIM deployment
  2. Learn how to capture operational metrics to improve data center performance
  3. Discover new ways to unify capacity management across all resources as data center density increases
  4. Find out how to use DCIMís 3D maps to deliver unrivalled visibility
  5. Get proven ways to integrate DCIM with existing systems and processes
  6. See how to use DCIM to shift development and production workloads between infrastructure resources to maintain a consistent user experience

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