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Advances in Power and Environmental Monitoring for Increasing Efficiency in the Data Center

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Server Technology
Published:  Oct 15, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  22 pages

To maximize efficiency in the data center, you first have to “follow the money” which means understanding where the bulk of your costs are and determining how to best maximize those resources by increasing efficiency and therefore reducing costs.

When operating a data center, it is clear that the high cost items are the power and cooling. You hear a great deal of industry talk about increasing data center efficiency with conclusions typically being drawn like “just operate your facility at higher temperatures”, use “free cooling” to reduce cooling costs, implement “virtualization and consolidation projects” to reduce power consumption, determine which servers are zombies and turn them off, or use capacity planning to decide where to install new devices.

These are all valid and useful points, but without proper monitoring tools in place to understand where your power is consumed or where there are hot spots, these goals can be difficult or even impossible to accomplish. Also, without the ability to fully understand the value, or possible harm caused when changes like these are made within the data center’s ECO system, you could run into real problems when making these changes without fully understanding the consequences.

This white paper will “follow the money” and show where the power is being used within your data center facility, along with the effects of changes like increasing the overall temperature within your data center. The challenge is to balance the desire to be more efficient against increased power densities, uptime, and redundancy goals within the “physical infrastructure” of the data center.

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