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How to Choose a Data Management Platform (DMP)

White Paper Published By: APSALAR
Published:  Jun 08, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  10 pages

So you’ve decided you need a DMP. Congratulations on making a really smart decision – to put data and customers at the center of your strategy and programs! Now the key challenge is to choose the right platform for your business. You have a number of choices in DMPs – each with its own unique sets of strengths and features. 

As with all platform decisions, making the right choice will have a big effect on the amount of value you ultimately derive from a DMP. 

Because a DMP is a complex piece of technology, it can feel daunting for a marketer to thoughtfully evaluate alternatives. That’s why we’ve created this paper – to help simplify and streamline the process. This short list of questions gets to the heart of what matters strategically in a DMP so that you can make your decision with a focused yet sufficient set of information. The questions in this document fall into five broad categories, each one of the core capabilities necessary for a robust DMP. Each capability area contains just two questions to help you focus on the most important discussions with your potential partner: 

COLLECT: Data collection and ingestion 
ORGANIZE: Data management and profile development
ANALYZE: Ability to examine, transform and export insights and audiences 
ACTION: How the platform integrates with your of partners and platforms.
SERVICE: Critical component of any enterprise technology offering The balance of this document reviews the questions and the rationale for each. 

While this list of questions is no substitute for a thorough technological examination of your options by your IT team, these key queries can help you ensure that the broad strategic needs of your company can be fulfilled with the platform you choose. 

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