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2018 Excise Tax: Hard Choices Facing the Public Sector

White Paper Published By: Aon Hewitt
Aon Hewitt
Published:  Aug 06, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

In government employment, where health plans tend to cost more and employees tend to contribute less than in the private sector, the 2018 Excise Tax stands to create a significant impact for plan sponsors. In spite of this, the public sector has some catching up to do with the private sector in terms of charting a strategy for mitigating the tax, especially for early retiree populations, which require special consideration when calculating Excise Tax exposure.

Download this white paper to learn why it is so important for public-sector employers to calculate the financial impact of the Excise Tax on their plans and on their employees and retirees, and understand their available options for limiting exposure.

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