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4 Big Reasons Why Videoconferencing Is the Future

White Paper Published By: Glowpoint
Published:  Oct 13, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  7 pages

As someone considering videoconferencing, one of the first questions youíre probably asking is why it matters. What are the benefits? What can it do for my company? Itís pretty easy to recognize travel savings as an immediate benefit, but thatís just the beginning. We can think of three more that are incredibly important to businesses: talent acquisition, productivity and efficiency, and collaboration and relationship building.

These may sound like just another set of buzzwords that everyone throws around, and thatís exactly why weíve created this paper: to provide real research and concretely define the benefits of videoconferencing. Especially in a constantly evolving world with ever-changing expectations.

What really matters to tomorrowís employees and customers? What will drive business success down the road? And how can videoconferencing help? Read on to find out.

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