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A Guide to Lean Healthcare Workflows

White Paper Published By: IBM Watson Health
IBM Watson Health
Published:  Nov 30, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  86 pages

Lean, a systematic approach to understanding and optimizing processes, is proven to help organizations improve outcomes and achieve their objectives. Learn more in this new IBM® Redpaper™ publication, A Guide to Lean Healthcare Workflows, by Jerry Green, PhD, and Amy Valentini of Phytel, An IBM Company.

This new resource, the first step-by-step guide to Lean in healthcare, delves into the five steps of Lean and:

  • Describes each step in-depth and includes techniques, example worksheets, and materials that can be used during the overall analysis and implementation process.
  • Provides insights that are derived from the real-world experience of the authors.
  • Serves as a guide for readers during a process-improvement project (and is not necessarily intended to be read end-to-end in one sitting)

The steps are based on a universal Lean language that uses industry-standard terms and techniques and, therefore, can be applied to almost any process.

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