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The Rhyme and Reason for Offboarding

White Paper Published By: SilkRoad Technology
SilkRoad Technology
Published:  Feb 24, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  4 pages

Offboarding is the strategic process for transitioning employees out of an organization, and unlike onboarding, it is often ignored. According to an Aberdeen report published last year, only 29 percent of organizations have an offboarding program in place.

While it’s not surprising that new employees receive more organizational resources than departing ones, this approach is short-sighted. “Departing employees have power – they can take intellectual property and they can go online and talk, so we need to treat them like human beings,” said Connections panel moderator Tom Boyle, director of product marketing for SilkRoad. “You need to be thinking: what can I do to help these people? Whether they were a crummy employee or not, you hired them.”

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