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A Hub & Spokes Technology: Social Media Strategy for Enterprise Businesses

White Paper Published By: Cision
Published:  May 02, 2016
Type:  White Paper

Among Fortune 500 companies, roughly 98 percent rely on social media for some combination of public relations, marketing, customer service and industry insights. Despite the fact that social is now embedded in the communication and engagement landscape, it continues to represent a challenge for organizations and for its lead communicators. 

In large part, this disconnect stems from a misunderstanding of just how buyers and customers use social today.

No longer can brands rely only on a dedicated individual or team to support their social interactions. Businesses need a social strategy that pervades every part of the organization, and technology to enable that strategy.

With CMOs planning to double down on social media by 2020, a profitable future requires the creation of a modern social media marketing structure today.

In this paper, we will share the following key strategies that will fuel a successful social media strategy for your business. We will:

  • Outline the six strategies and technologies for creating a framework for success
  • Map out a social implementation model for setting up the distribution of your content in order to protect your brand when third-party platforms, such as Google and Facebook, inevitably make changes
  • Share the right way to think about measuring, monitoring and managing your social media strategy and performance

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