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Are you playing hit or miss talent decisions?

Webinar Published By: IBM
Published:  Jul 20, 2016
Type:  Webinar

Consider this: On average, 39% of recent hires would not be rehired, which means a lot of hiring mistakes are being made. Hyper-competition for top talent in a candidate driven market requires new strategies and ways to attract and retain top talent. Yet companies are still relying on gut alone and conventional wisdom to make critical hiring as well as talent decisions. What would be the impact to your business if you could isolate the best talent from the rest? Foresee precise ways to entice candidates? Forecast performance success before you hire? Predict who is most likely to leave? Anticipate the actions you need to take to prevent turnover? Bring the power and insights from analytics into all of your people decisions.

Join this webcast and learn:

  1. Leveraging your workforce analytics data to make better talent decisions to maximize business performance
  2. The power of candidate experience and engagement throughout your hiring and onboarding process
  3. Best-in-class examples from industry experts to help you get started

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