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Asking the Right Questions

White Paper Published By: Kaspersky
Published:  Aug 17, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  10 pages

As an IT leader, the number one question you should be asking yourself is not if you will be attacked, but when. At Kaspersky Lab, our research shows that more than 90% of businesses have experienced some sort of external security threat in the past year. With numbers like that, it’s imperative that you know the answers to some very important questions, such as:

- Where are our biggest vulnerabilities?
- Are we focusing on the most dangerous threats that we face —
  the ones that can do the most damage?
- Why is a multi-layered approach so important?

Find the answers you need to know by downloading our new ebook, Asking the Right Questions: Today’s Threat Landscape for the Enterprise. We’ll break down the statistics on the biggest threats that enterprises face and how you can defend your business.

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