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Oracle’s SPARC S7 Server Architecture

White Paper Published By: Oracle
Published:  Aug 18, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  31 pages

In today’s IT infrastructure, data security can no longer be treated as an afterthought, because billions of dollars are lost each year to computer intrusions and data exposures. This issue is compounded by the aggressive build-out for cloud computing. Big data and machine learning applications that perform tasks such as fraud and intrusion detection, trend detection, and click-stream and social media analysis all require forward-thinking solutions and enough compute power to deliver the performance required in a rapidly evolving digital marketplace. Companies increasingly need to drive the speed of business up, and organizations need to support their customers with real-time data. The task of managing sensitive information while capturing, analyzing, and acting upon massive volumes of data every hour of every day has become critical.

Oracle’s servers that are based on Oracle’s SPARC S7 processor extend the technology in Oracle’s SPARC T7 and SPARC M7 servers to optimally address the needs of scale-out and cloud infrastructures. SPARC S7 servers leverage Oracle’s revolutionary Software in Silicon technology to build the world’s most advanced platform for secure computing. The unique hardware and software features built into the SPARC platform for protecting data and enforcing compliance are simpler to implement, are more cost effective, and go far beyond what other solutions in the marketplace can provide.

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