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Heart Healthy Posters and Tip Sheet

White Paper Published By: Fitbit
Published:  Mar 21, 2017
Type:  White Paper
Length:  1 pages

February may have been the official American Heart Month - but it's never too late for you and your employees to take better care of your tickers. Fitbit Group Health has designed a poster and three tip sheets, that you can share within your organization. Your employees will get the heart-healthy advice they need, and you’ll get to shine as the wellness rock star that you are.

Things to keep in mind as you download the kit:

* The posters and tip sheets can be shared any number of ways, including via print, email, or uploaded to your company intranet.
* Consider hanging the poster in well-trafficked areas like your lobby, kitchen, and hallways.
* Think about giving one tip sheet a week to keep heart health top of mind.

Enjoy the poster and tip sheets and good for you, for helping your employees love their hearts this month.

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