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Prevent Laptop Security Breaches

White Paper Published By: OneLogin
Published:  Oct 24, 2017
Type:  White Paper

Data, users, apps, devices, locations—the sheer number of permutations and combinations is mind-boggling. This complex nature of today’s IT environment opens security gaps and exposes your business to undue risk.

To illustrate, try to envision all the permutations and possible entry points for risk in your organization. Imagine that you have 400 users, each using 25 apps. When you multiply those together, that’s 10,000 potential access permissions to manage.

Access permissions change as users come and go, roles change, new apps are added, and older apps are decommissioned. Your business battles continuously to align its productivity needs and security needs with the organization. But with explosive growth and expanding access permissions, it’s easy to see how security gaps occur.

The effects can be significant. As you fight this battle, your business wastes time and resources in so many ways:

• Manually onboarding and offboarding users

• Chasing down zombie accounts of former employees

• Allocating budget to unused application licenses

• Losing visibility and control over who accesses which applications, and from where

• Helping employees manage the passwords needed to access their applications

• Clashing with users who choose weak or static passwords

• Wasting help desk resources on login trouble and password resets.

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