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Optimize or Transform—How IT Leaders Drive Digital Ambition For Your Business

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Published:  Feb 23, 2018
Type:  White Paper

Whether your company is looking to grow by optimizing your current business model or transforming to introduce new revenue sources, you’re likely exploring a variety of digital tools designed to enhance and expand your existing business. Leaders rely on their CIOs and IT directors to recommend digital strategies and outline the benefits and challenges they can expect from new digital tools. Many businesses are at a tipping point where they need to decide how ambitious their digital strategy should be in order to compete and grow in today’s manufacturing market.

Employees, vendors, partners, and customers are all affected when your company achieves its digital ambition. Regardless of whether you lean toward optimization or transformation through digital technologies, the choices you and other leaders make can have a significant impact across your business. It’s important to consider what’s achievable with your current budget, staff, and technology infrastructure alongside benefits from new tools and competitive risks from doing too little or too much.

Research from Gartner outlines how technology leaders can drive the company’s digital ambition by:

  • Considering whether the business can support full digital transformation or more moderate optimization
  • Observing digital trends and timing across the industry and adjacent industries
  • Evaluating your competitive position as it relates to your digital strategies


Learn more about how your company can determine its digital business ambition in the “Digital Business Ambition: Transform or Optimize?” report from Gartner.

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