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Making Sense of AI

White Paper Published By: SAS
Published:  Mar 06, 2018
Type:  White Paper
Length:  14 pages

Today's artifical intelligence (AI) solutions are not sentient in the manner popularized in science fiction by scores of self-aware and typically nefarious androids. Even so, the ability to arm such systems with the ability to directly sense and respond to their in situ environment is critical. Why? In the future, our experiences will be smart, intuitive and informed by analytics that are not seen
but felt via new business, personal and operational engagement models. Enabling this interaction requires AI applications that can sense, analyze and respond to their environment in an intelligent
and interactive manner. Without requiring the end user to write, understand or interpret code.

“Sensitive” artificial intelligence enables:
• More productive use of expanded (big, often unstructured) information sources
• Intuitive man-machine interactions (no code-speak here!)
• Adaptive, immersive experiences and environments

As frequently touted on the nightly news, AI’s popularity is clear. However, the term’s ubiquity often results in the overestimation or, more and more often, underestimation of what AI can do. To clear the air, let's explore the boundaries of AI's capabilities today.

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