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The Expert Guide to VMware Disaster Recovery and Data Protection

White Paper Published By: Veeam '18
Veeam '18
Published:  Mar 13, 2018
Type:  White Paper
Length:  54 pages

Another must have feature of any modern Availability solution is self-service restore. Self-service restore is essentially a delegation, or granting the task of restoring files within the guest OS to users that have administrative rights. In many organizations, there are users who are responsible for the applications running within the VMs. These application owners are the primary administrators for the files and folders within the VM so why would they have to go to a backup administrator to simply restore a file? Self-service restore allows these applications owners to log into a portal, search through the content of the backups for their VMs only and perform any necessary restores of those files back to their original or new locations. This process is all completed without any intervention from the backup administrator, freeing up the admin to work on more important projects and guaranteeing application users a faster restore by skipping any restore workflows they may have to run through.

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