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Press #1 For Customer Service

White Paper Published By: Infosys
Published:  May 21, 2018
Type:  White Paper
Length:  7 pages

Our client was a large financial institution with millions of customers using a wide range of products. So when customers called the contact center, they could have any query out of a possibility set of 68 categories. They would want investment advice, or ask about their account. Or they would simply want to reset their PIN. The trouble was that the large range of support offered at the contact center meant long and complex phone calls, as customers often found their way through the interactive voice response (VR) system to the wrong agent. They had to be re-routed-often several times- which gave our clients two problems.

First, customers didn't like the negative experience of being re-routed, or spending their time waiting for the right agent to come through. They expected their queries to be addressed quickly and professionally, but experience delay and frustration instead. Second, inefficiencies at the contact center were high, because more agents than necessary were involved in each call. This not only raised costs; but also meant that when customers finally got through to the right agent, they had less time to handle the calls.

But how could our client avoid both inefficiency and poor customer service?

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