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Performance, Capacity and Lower TCO. Can a single storage solution offer it all?

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Published:  Dec 18, 2018
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The storage industry is facing challenging times. Todayís CxOs, IT Specialists, and Project Managers adopting a two-tier solution have much to consider. On one side sits exponential data growth, longer retentions, and capacity-driven applications. On the other side we face applications requiring rapid data access with minimal latency being key to business growth. This trend is quickly accelerating as new applications enable IoT and leverage artificial intelligence demanding seamless integration with the cloud.

The traditional classification of primary and secondary storage no longer applies. Associating structured data to the first and unstructured data to the latter is limiting with modern applications and computing paradigms. Primary and secondary storage as we knew them, impose too many constraints leading to a rise in infrastructure complexity and costs, rendering the strategy unsustainable. IT leaders today require solutions that automate regular tasks to simplify infrastructure and reduce expenses.

During this one-hour recorded webinar, GigaOm analyst Enrico Signoretti and special guests Greg Kleiman from Datrium, as well as Jeff Kerr Lead Systems Engineer Netsmart , a Datrium customer, will analyze several aspects of two-tier storage strategies including encryption, introduce Datriumís innovative solution, and provide a testimony from an end user that has adopted it.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why a two tier-storage strategy
  • Different types of tier integration
  • The benefits of an integrated two-tier storage infrastructure
  • Introduction to Datrium DVX platform and cloud services
  • How Datrium solution ecosystem fits in a two-tier storage strategy
  • The benefits of Datrium for the people in your organization
  • A successful two-tier storage strategy implementation with Datrium

This webinar is aimed at informing and educating companies that are considering innovative solutions for their cloud strategy, giving both technical and business perspectives on the covered topics, about how next-generation two-tier storage infrastructures can meet cost-conscious agility and flexibility across multiple clouds

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