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Transportation and Logistics: Communications Buying Guide

White Paper Published By: Motorola Solutions
Motorola Solutions
Published:  Apr 26, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  21 pages

When it comes to enhancing worker safety, boosting productivity and streamlining operations, communication matters. Organizations across various industry segments — trucking, rail, airlines and airports, and warehousing/distribution — are juggling a mix of communication devices and hindered by gaps in coverage, poor battery life and fragile equipment that cannot withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Customers expect deliveries precisely when and where they want them. Meeting those expectations requires reliable, clear voice and data communications. So drivers can communicate safely without distraction. So assets are tracked to maintain an efficient operation. So well-executed logistics exceed customer expectations.

Unified team communications improve on-time delivery, efficiency and safety for transportation and logistics companies today - but which solutions are right for your specific priorities and needs?

This guide will help you choose the solutions that are right for your enterprise. With a unified team communications system customized around your business, you’ll have the power to eliminate the barriers between devices, networks and locations. Now everyone can be part of the conversation.

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