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Industry Spotlight for Media - Video Case Study

Webinar Published By: Darktrace
Published:  Jun 21, 2019
Type:  Webinar

The media and entertainment industry faces a fundamental challenge in the Digital Age: monopolizing content and services at a time when information flows more freely than ever before. This challenge is nowhere greater than in the case of cyber-crime, which threatens the intellectual property at the heart of the industry’s business model.

Such intellectual property is essential for media companies in particular, which spend enormous resources to create films and television shows that they must then defend from threat actors across the world. Yet modern consumers expect media that is highly digitized, with content readily available on multiple platforms — an expectation that is difficult to reconcile with the ideal of data security. In an age of advanced cyber-threat, media and entertainment companies must balance availability and exclusivity to avoid damaging leaks that could severely harm their reputations.

For entertainment companies, the imperative of protecting IP is accompanied by the need to defend sensitive customer data and lucrative digital operations. Online poker sites, for instance, house thousands of users’ credit card numbers, while a ransomware attack that shuts down its services can cost millions in lost revenue. Beyond their direct financial ramifications, security breaches can inflict lasting damage to a company’s brand name.

Many of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies have turned to Darktrace to protect against today’s sophisticated threats. Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System technology enables these organizations to detect and defend against cyber threats in real time, protecting their key assets and foundational intellectual property with AI that learns on the job. Darktrace also provides total network visibility, affording its users an unprecedented awareness of all the routes that a potential threat could take. With Darktrace’s AI, media and entertainment companies can effectively safeguard their valuable intellectual property while remaining dynamic and innovative.

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