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What’s AI Got To Do with It?

White Paper Published By: BlackBerry Cylance
BlackBerry Cylance
Published:  Sep 18, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  13 pages

There is now broad consensus among security professionals that artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can play an important role in reducing cyber risks. Exactly what that role is, however, and how it will evolve over time remains unclear for respondents to a new SANS Institute research study sponsored by BlackBerry Cylance. Opinions varied about the maturity of AI, its benefits and risks, and the baseline requirements for an AI-enabled security solution. Download the report today for the complete survey results and learn: 

  1. How perceptions of AI vary across industry sectors and organizational roles and responsibilities;
  2. How AI technologies compare and contrast with human intelligence;
  3. How machine learning is driving advances in the field;
  4. What respondents believe to be the greatest risks and benefits of AI; and,
  5. The most significant barriers to broader AI adoption. 

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