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Making Technology Part of the Team

Published By: Global Software     Published Date: Aug 13, 2018
Humans excel at tasks that require creativity, the opportunity to respond to the unexpected, and general attentiveness to the surrounding environment. Technology and machines, on the other hand, are built to process a lot of information quickly without getting bored; technology reliably completes the task it is assigned without deviation. The most powerful approach to adding technology to a team takes the strengths of both humans and technology into account and from that, creates a superior, collaborative system. For example, reporting software such as Spreadsheet Server and Atlas for Dynamics AX/365 by Global Software, Inc. both serve as machine learning intelligence that uses automation to reduce errors, while at the same time preserving humans’ ability to create reports and outcomes from the data the way they need to see it.
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technology, machines, dynamics, global, software
Global Software

Collaborative Report Production Management with CDM

Published By: IBM     Published Date: Oct 30, 2013
Watch this short demo of IBM's disclosure management solution - Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM). Efficiently & accurately manage any high-value internal and external documents.
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ibm, collaborative reporting, production management, cdm, cognos disclosure management, effeciently manage internal documents, efficiently manage external documents, accurately manage internal documents

Unifying Procurement and Accounts Payable: A Two-Phased Approach

Published By: Esker     Published Date: Jul 09, 2019
We all know that teamwork makes the dream work. And in the case of procurement and accounts payable (AP), this rings especially true.This IOFM white paper explores the negative effects of dissociated procurement and AP departments and the benefits of integrating them with an automated, end-to-end P2P workflow, including: -Fewer duplicate payments & improved ROI -More collaborative teams & increased efficiency -Heightened business intelligence from greater visibility & reporting
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BI 2.0: The Next Generation of Business Intelligence

Published By: LogiXML     Published Date: May 04, 2007
The term Business Intelligence 2.0 (BI 2.0) is cropping up more and more in the industry, generally referring to the next generation of BI just as Web 2.0 has come to refer to the next generation of the Web.
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business intelligence, olap, data analysis, xml, ajax, collaborative bi, dashboards, reporting

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