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IBM dashDB

Published By: IBM     Published Date: Jul 05, 2016
Cloud-based data warehousing as-a-service, built for analytics
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ibm, dashdb, data, analytics, data warehouse, cloud, analytics, business insights, knowledge management, enterprise applications, data management, business technology, data center

IMPACT REPORT: IBM unleashes updated Db2 with more powerful in-memory analytics

Published By: IBM     Published Date: Jul 06, 2017
DB2 is a proven database for handling the most demanding transactional workloads. But the trend as of late is to enable relational databases to handle analytic queries more efficiently by adding an inmemory column store alongside to aggregate data and provide faster results. IBM's BLU Acceleration technology does exactly that. While BLU isn't brand new, the ability to spread the column store across a massively parallel processing (MPP) cluster of up to 1,000 nodes is a new addition to the technology. That, along with simpler monthly pricing options and integration with dashDB data warehousing in the cloud, makes DB2 for LUW, a very versatile database.
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memory analytics, database, efficiency, acceleration technology, aggregate data

How to Build Analytic Apps with Cloudant

Published By: IBM     Published Date: Nov 30, 2016
Learn how to create powerful analytic apps with IBM Cloudant, dashDB and Apache Spark. This presentation will contain demos of real-life use cases e.g. machine learning predictive analytics, Graph-parallel computation and more.
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ibm, cloud, analytic apps, apps, cloudant, enterprise applications, cloud computing, business technology

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