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Candy maker Cloetta merges local and global data using TIBCO Data Virtualization

Published By: TIBCO Software     Published Date: Jan 17, 2019
Cloetta is a leading confectionary company in the Nordic region of Europe and The Netherlands. Cloetta manufactures and markets confectionary, chocolate products, nuts, pastilles, chewing gum, and pick and mix concepts. Its products are in more than 40 markets worldwide, with Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, and the UK as the main markets.
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data, virtualization, solution, tool, reporting, server, reports, software
TIBCO Software

Finland/Denmark: Scoping Your WLAN – Technical And Budgetary Planning

Published By: Aerohive     Published Date: Oct 27, 2015
This webinar is for IT professionals looking to learn about, implement or expand wireless networks in their organization.
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networking, wifi, wireless application software, wireless hardware, wireless infrastructure, wireless security, wlan

Cloud Data Rocks out Roskilde Music Festival in Denmark

Published By: IBM     Published Date: Jul 14, 2016
How do you keep 130,000 guests safely entertained, fed, watered and informed in a sustainable way? Roskilde Festival knew that the critical insights lay hidden in huge volumes of real-time data. The Copenhagen Business School used IBM technologies to build a cloud big data lab that correlates information from multiple sources, delivering valuable insight for planning and running the festival. Download to learn more.
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ibm, datamart on demand, data, analytics, big data, real-time data, cloud, cloud data analytics

Consider Copenhagen

Published By: Greater Copenhagen Fintech     Published Date: Aug 21, 2017
Copenhagen’s strong asset management tradition has its roots in the Danish labour market model, where employees and employers have created a unique pension system. Since its inception in the 1970s, it has amassed assets of over EUR 500bn. Pension assets amount to twice Denmark’s GDP, which is more than four times the OECD average.
Tags : 
financial sector, economy, assets, greater copenhagen, banks, mortgage institutions, investment companies, investment funds
Greater Copenhagen Fintech

Boosting margins, growing profits: Coop Danmark rings up results with retail Video

Published By: IBM     Published Date: Aug 14, 2014
Watch this video to see how Denmark’s leading retailer, Coop Danmark, is using predictive analytics and real-time data access to understand customer demand and make more profitable merchandising decisions.
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ibm, retail, margins, profit, denmark, analytics, data, data management

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