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The Ultimate Guide to Data Encryption in the Cloud

Published By: Rubrik EMEA     Published Date: Apr 15, 2019
From stolen consumer data to sensitive data leaks, it seems that no oneís data has been safe in recent years. For numerous reasons, like misconfigured storage repositories and unpatched vulnerabilities, this trend is likely to continue. The integration of digital technology into all areas of business has resulted in more of our data being stored on computers and websites targeted by hackers, which has significantly increased the number of data breaches as well as organizationsí vulnerability to malware attacks. For example, the Equifax breach impacted 145 MM consumers, and with more employees working remotely on a wide range of devices, the threat landscape has expanded. The meteoric rise of the public cloud has compounded this issue, as data security requires new knowledge and skill sets in short supply, often leading to misconfigured and insecure solutions. Companies need to adopt the approach that every piece of data in their possession, on-premises or in the cloud, must be encryp
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encryption, data, key, cloud, bits, keys, ciphertext, entropy, plaintext, software
Rubrik EMEA

A Simple Guide to Encryption

Published By: Sophos     Published Date: Oct 14, 2015
This whitepaper aims to dispel the fear and confusion surrounding encryption. It demonstrates how organizations can move forward with an encryption strategy in a manner that is simple, practical and achievable. So letís start by setting the record straight on a few myths.
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guide to encryption, data breaches, cyber attacks, myths of encryption, security, wireless security

Is your bank secure enough?

Published By: IBM     Published Date: Aug 26, 2019
By choosing the right enterprise platform and pervasively encrypting data, your bank can deliver data security more effectively. For this reason, you should be aware of the best available encryption solutions for your organization. This guide is designed to help you determine the right questions to ask your CIO to become better informed about your bankís cybersecurity position. Know five encryption questions to ask your CIO today
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cryptocurrency, bitcoin, blockchain

Best Practices to Device Control: An In-Depth Technical Webcast

Published By: Lumension     Published Date: Jan 22, 2013
Join this webcast to learn the practical steps to guide you in the deployment of devices control and encryption technology as we dive into a technical discussion of what the critical items to address.
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best practices, devices control, encryption, security, business continuity, access control, anti spam, anti spyware, anti virus, application security, auditing, compliance, security management, security policies, application integration, business activity monitoring, vulnerability management, data loss prevention

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