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Hunting Attackers with Network Audit Trails

Published By: Lancope     Published Date: Jun 21, 2014
Join us on June 25th at 2PM BST to find out how to detect sophisticated cyber attacks using network logging technologies and learn how you can use these technologies to create an audit trail of network activity.
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lancope, cyberattack, cyber criminals, network security, hackers, audit trail, cyber audit, network intelligence, network audit, business continuity, email security, hacker detection, internet security, intrusion prevention, security management, business activity monitoring, business intelligence, database security, business technology

Lancope StealthWatch and the Cisco Secure Data Center

Published By: Cisco     Published Date: Feb 16, 2016
Today the success of your organization may depend on effectively safeguarding the resources and information in your data center.
Tags : 
data security, security, resource management, network management, network security, infrastructure management

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