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Erstellen von Anwendungsprototypen in Stunden

Published By: CA Technologies     Published Date: Aug 22, 2017
• Verwenden Sie CA Live API Creator, um funktionierende Prototypen in Stunden zu liefern. Konvertieren Sie Unternehmensanforderungen in eine funktionsfähige Software. • Nicht nur für Wireframes, sondern auch für funktionierende Systeme, Datenbanken, Logik und Benutzeroberflächen. Es ist so einfach wie eine Kalkulationstabelle und geht auch so schnell. • Beeindrucken Sie die Anwender im Unternehmen, indem Sie innerhalb von Stunden Ergebnisse liefern und Feedback zum Datenmodell und zur Logik einholen. Iterationen sind unmittelbar möglich. • Alles, was Sie benötigen, ist enthalten. Es muss keine IDE installiert oder konfiguriert werden. Verwenden Sie einfach Ihren Browser.
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CA Technologies

Erstellen von Anwendungsprototypen in Stunden

Published By: CA Technologies EMEA     Published Date: Oct 20, 2017
CA Live API Creator enthält die drei Dinge, die für jeden Anwendungsprototyp erforderlich sind: • Datenbank • Geschäftslogik • Benutzeroberfläche Datenbank – Ihre oder unsere Sie können Ihre vorhandene Datenbank oder eine von CA Live API Creator für Sie erstellte Cloud-Datenbank verwenden. In beiden Fällen sind Sie schnell einsatzbereit.
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api, application programming interface, psd2, open banking, json, github, secure gateway, microservices
CA Technologies EMEA

Es liegt was in der Luft – Der neue Wireless LAN-Standard 802.11ac

Published By: Extreme Networks     Published Date: Feb 12, 2015
Laden Sie sich dieses Whitepaper herunter und erhalten Sie wertvolle Informationen für Ihren Umstieg auf 802.11ac Wireless LAN.
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networking, it management, wireless
Extreme Networks

ESG Report:Shared IT Infrastructure Considerations for Compute,Network&Storage with NetApp & Cisco

Published By: NetApp     Published Date: Apr 27, 2010
Close collaboration between NetApp, Cisco, and VMware has resulted in the industry's first secure multi-tenancy solution to partition shared IT infrastructure which delivers performance, availability, and responsiveness, while maintaining cost efficiencies. Download this exclusive report from analyst ESG to learn more.
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netapp, esg report, it infrastructure, secure multi-tenancy, security, virtualized data center, vmware, cisco

ESG Solution Showcase: Next Generation Isilon’s Modulad, Enduring design

Published By: Dell EMC     Published Date: Aug 22, 2017
Digital information has quickly become the lifeblood of business success, enabling firms to become more operationally efficient and to better serve their customers. As companies seek to harness their data in new ways, the infrastructure that houses that data can falter under the strain. In response, new innovations have emerged to help address the concerns of managing and protecting these increasingly important data capacities. While some vendors focus innovation development on software alone and allow the hardware to remain commodity, Dell Technologies is delivering some impressive hardware innovation with Isilon’s next generation hardware to complement its software’s disruptive capabilities.
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Dell EMC

ESG: HPE 3PAR Flash Now: Accelerating All-flash Data Center Transformation

Published By: Hewlett Packard Enterprise     Published Date: Mar 26, 2018
Over the past several years, the IT industry has seen solid-state (or flash) technology evolve at a record pace. Early on, the high cost and relative newness of flash meant that it was mainly relegated to accelerating niche workloads. More recently, however, flash storage has “gone mainstream” thanks to maturing media technology. Lower media cost has resulted from memory innovations that have enabled greater density and new architectures such as 3D NAND. Simultaneously, flash vendors have refined how to exploit flash storage’s idiosyncrasies—for example, they can extend the flash media lifespan through data reduction and other technique
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Establishing effective Performance Management

Published By: Cornerstone OnDemand     Published Date: Feb 22, 2016
For many small to medium size companies, finding the time to proactively manage employee performance is difficult. The emphasis is more often on increasing revenues and achieving stability, especially in the early days. However, as businesses grow, the need for improving staff engagement, productivity and loyalty becomes increasingly important. It is at this critical stage that Performance Management can mean the difference between businesses that experience sustained growth and those whose momentum falters. Even when organisations are aware of the importance of Performance Management, the tendency is to carry it out in an ad hoc manner. Such methods work with a low headcount, but as this increases, more formal processes are needed. 6 Steps to Performance Management Best Practice offers a practical guide for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that have identified Performance Management as part of their long term growth strategy. Drawing on industry research, client case studies and
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management, productivity, performance, growth, employee
Cornerstone OnDemand

Estate and Gift Tax Planning Under the 2010 Tax Relief Act

Published By: Manning Fulton & Skinner, P.A.     Published Date: Mar 18, 2011
Key points of the Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010 and how it impacts individual income tax and estate and gift tax
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estate planning, income tax, gift tax, alternative minimum tax, financial planning, finance, tax
Manning Fulton & Skinner, P.A.

Exact für Produktion

Published By: Exact Online     Published Date: Jun 14, 2016
Modernisieren Sie Ihr Produktionsunternehmen, indem Sie Produktion und Buchhaltung mit der Auftragsverwaltung, Bestandsmanagement und dem Kundenmanagement integrieren. So ist alles einheitlich und Sie erhalten eine nie dagewesene Übersicht über Ihre Produktion. Konzentrieren Sie sich auf gewinnbringende Produkte und seien Sie der Konkurrenz einen Schritt voraus.
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production, order management, inventory management, customer management, production management, application integration, application performance management, business integration
Exact Online

Exact für Produktion

Published By: Exact Online     Published Date: Jun 22, 2016
Modernisieren Sie Ihr Produktionsunternehmen, indem Sie Produktion und Buchhaltung mit der Auftragsverwaltung, Bestandsmanagement und dem Kundenmanagement integrieren. So ist alles einheitlich und Sie erhalten eine nie dagewesene Übersicht über Ihre Produktion. Konzentrieren Sie sich auf gewinnbringende Produkte und seien Sie der Konkurrenz einen Schritt voraus.
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production, order management, inventory management, customer management, production management, application integration, application performance management, business integration
Exact Online

Exhange 2007 - Migration Alternatives

Published By: Alt-N Technologies     Published Date: Sep 26, 2008
Email has become today's most mission-critical communication channel. Each and every day, 800 million business users worldwide use email during the course of their work day and about 80 percent of a company's intellectual property passes though its email server. Email is a vital component of both internal communication between employees and external communication with customers and business partners. It has become such an integral part of normal day-to-day business operations that most companies simply cannot function without it: when email stops, your ability to conduct business also stops.
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alt-n technologies, email, exchange server, mdaemon, smtp, pop, imap, syncml
Alt-N Technologies

Expenses, VAT and HMRC Compliance in a Nutshell

Published By: Concur ENT     Published Date: May 11, 2018
VAT rules can be complex, HMRC – a gauntlet. In this eBook, we demystify some of the facts around compliance, tax and expense management. The British economy has gone from boom to bust. The recession followed by a long period of austerity and caution has altered spending behaviours while the government has increasingly cracked down on tax evasion and fraud. HMRC has become more focused on assisting businesses of all sizes to comply with their policies and implement good governance when it comes to finances. Nevertheless, the reality can sometimes be confusing and the penalties for getting it wrong – severe. Many businesses outsource their tax management to experts or muddle through, running the risk of non-compliance. There’s a real need for unambiguous, helpful advice about expenses, VAT and HMRC compliance. We’ve created this guide to help shine some light on the processes, practices and behaviours around tax and expenses based on some of the frequently asked questions we receive. Wh
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Concur ENT

Extending the benefits of desktop virtualization to mobile laptop users.

Published By: Citrix     Published Date: Sep 17, 2013
Desktop virtualization is attractive to organizations of all types and sizes worldwide because of its many compelling benefits. Download here to learn about XenClient, an innovative, clientside alternative for delivering virtual desktops, which allows IT to extend the benefits of desktop virtualization to laptop users whether they are working online or offline.
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remote access, access control, mobile computing, mobile workers, messaging, virtualization, mobile device management

Extending the Reach of Your Business Intelligence Insight through a Single, Complementary Solution

Published By: SRC,LLC     Published Date: Jun 01, 2009
To mine raw data and extract crucial insights, business decision‐makers need fast and comprehensive access to all the information stored across their enterprise, regardless of its format or location. Furthermore, that data must be organized, analyzed and visualized in ways that permit easy interpretation of market opportunities growth, shifts and trends and the business‐process changes required to address them. Gaining a true perspective on an organization’s customer base, market area or potential expansion can be a challenging task, because companies use so many relational databases, data warehouse technologies, mapping systems and ad hoc data repositories to gather and house information for a wide variety of specialized purposes.
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src, enterprise, enterprise applications, convergence, compared, counted, combined, reorganized

Extreme weather trucking

Published By: HERE Technologies     Published Date: Sep 26, 2019
Despite the greater frequency of extreme weather events occurring around the globe, freight still has to be delivered on time and on a year-round basis. Truck drivers often find themselves driving through rain, snow, sleet, hail, fog, ice, thunderstorms, tornadoes and high winds. While drivers aren't generally expected to stick to pre-planned routes in extreme weather, fleet managers don’t really have the capacity to outline every possible alternate route in anticipation of a future hazardous weather scenario. Data-driven route planning saves fuel, prevents accidents and improves ETAs, which is why many logistics companies are turning to advanced supply chain optimization solutions with real-time weather alerts and rerouting functionalities. Today, tech-savvy fleet managers are looking for exactly this type of tech innovations to provide them with a sharp competitive edge in an already crowded industry such as long-haul logistics. As one of the world's leading location platforms, HER
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HERE Technologies

Exzellentes Omnichannel-Marketing

Published By: Emarsys     Published Date: Feb 15, 2018
Omnichannel ist nicht einfach nur ein weiteres Modewort, das ignoriert werden kann. Es ist ein entscheidendes Marketingziel, für das Sie bereits jetzt eine Strategie besitzen sollten - wenn Sie nicht hinter der Konkurrenz zurückstehen wollen. Omnichannel ist allerdings nicht nur wichtig, sondern auch zeitaufwendig. Es gibt keinen Omnichannel-Schalter, den man einfach umlegen, oder einen Knopf, den man drücken kann. Ein sinnvoller Omnichannel Ansatz muss schrittweise aufgebaut werden; und für viele Unternehmen sind E-Mails der Ausgangspunkt.
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omnichannel, marketing, zeitaufwendig, ausgangspunkt, emarsys

Faire Plus avec Moins

Published By: Workday France     Published Date: Feb 13, 2019
Les entreprises et ETI au budget serré peuvent faire évoluer leurs applications RH en utilisant les technologies Cloud actuelles. Grâce aux innovations de la technologie Cloud, il existe désormais une alternative pour aider les ETI à continuer à se développer tout en restant compétitives. Téléchargez le livre blanc pour en savoir plus!
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technologie de la main-d'œuvre, stratégie digitale
Workday France

Fakten zum Datenschutz bei All-Flash-Speicher

Published By: Hewlett Packard Enterprise     Published Date: May 11, 2018
In einem typischen Unternehmen steigt das Datenvolumen, das verwaltet und geschützt werden muss, um ca. 40 % pro Jahr. Dazu kommen die Performanceanforderungen neuer Anwendungen und der Wunsch nach kurzen Antwortzeiten, ständiger Verfügbarkeit und Zugri zu jeder Zeit und an jedem Ort. Diese Speicheranforderungen lassen sich nicht mit herkömmlicher Technik mit rotierenden Festplatten bewältigen.
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Feeling the Pain of Scaling on AWS? There’s a Private Cloud alternative your developers will love.

Published By: Cisco     Published Date: Jan 05, 2016
Check out this infographic to learn more about how Tapjoy provides tools for developers to power and monetize their mobile applications.
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Fighting Spam in an ISP Environment

Published By: Roaring Penguin     Published Date: Aug 21, 2009
This white paper from Roaring Penguin Software reviews the most common approaches to spam management and email filtering in an ISP environment and details how a suitable anti spam solution must address particular challenges for ISP administrators.
Tags : 
spam, anti-spam, antispam, blocking, filtering, email security, isp, spam management
Roaring Penguin

Fighting the Hidden Dangers of Internet Access

Published By: St Bernard Software     Published Date: Aug 21, 2009
Download this white paper from St. Bernard Software to read about a variety of contemporary, Internet-borne threats that are making it foolhardy for any business to provide unfettered Internet access for its users.
Tags : 
filtering, email security, firewall, access control, employee internet access, internet security, web security, restrictions
St Bernard Software

Filling the SharePoint Workflow Gaps

Published By: K2     Published Date: Aug 24, 2015
Download this paper and learn about the challenges companies are facing when building SharePoint workflow apps and see alternative offers that will enable you to get reliable SharePoint workflow applications you want - without the challenges of customization.
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Filter Press Basics and Issues vs. Alternative Batch or Continuous Replacement Tech

Published By: Genesys     Published Date: Mar 01, 2008
Filtration experts have discussed filter presses and their perceived shortcomings. This article discusses filter presses as well as the batch or continuous filtration alternatives to replace them.
Tags : 
enterprise applications, call center management, call center software, customer interaction service, contact management, customer experience management, sla

Filtering companies by multiple criteria

Published By: ETNA Software     Published Date: Feb 10, 2011
This whitepaper discusses various ways of filtering companies for electronic trading purposes.
Tags : 
filtering software, finance software, investment software, financial tools, trading, technology, software, financial services
ETNA Software

Filtration Auf Den Punkt Gebracht

Published By: Filtration Group     Published Date: Nov 07, 2017
Saubere Luft steht im Fokus vieler Umweltschutzmaßnahmen und ist für industrielle Fertigungsprozesse Thema Nummer eins. Entstaubungsanlagen und die eingesetzten Filtermedien sind alles andere als triviale Technik. Deshalb arbeiten wir, Filtration Group (ehemals MAHLE Industriefiltration) zusammen mit unseren Schwesterunternehmen Clear Edge CFE GmbH und Filtrair B.V. seit über 50 Jahren an der Optimierung von Entstaubungsanlagen und Luftreinhaltungssystemen, um für Sie die optimale Lösung zu finden und Ihre Umwelt sauberer und produktiver zu gestalten. Die Planung, Entwicklung und Produktion wirtschaftlicher, energieeffizienter und hochwirksamer Filtersysteme steht bei uns seit jeher im Fokus. In unserem Whitepaper erfahren Sie, welche weiteren Vorteile der Einsatz unserer Kompaktfilter für Sie bringt und wie Sie mit dem Einsatz der richtigen Filter für Ihren speziellen Anwendungsfall Ihren Betrieb effizienter gestalten können.
Tags : 
lufttechnik, filterplatte, entstaubungsanlage, ersatzfilter, kompaktfilter, industriefiltration
Filtration Group
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