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Activos inteligentes conectados

Published By: TIBCO Software     Published Date: Sep 16, 2019
La industria petrolera se está transformando de manera dinámica gracias el poder de conexión del Internet, los avances en sensores remotos conectados, y las posibilidades que ofrece el machine learning y la inteligencia artificial (IA). A medida que la búsqueda de hidrocarburos y fuentes de energías alternativas se amplía a entornos más profundos y hostiles, los operadores, las compañías de servicios y los propietarios de los recursos están aprovechando los avances tecnológicos para garantizar que sus empleados estén más seguros, sus campos sean más productivos y sus activos fijos estén operando a su máximo nivel de eficiencia.
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TIBCO Software

Adding Flexibility in a Timely Manner

Published By: Asure Software     Published Date: Sep 10, 2012
In this case study, you'll learn why Mr. and Mrs. Evans decided to go with a more flexible and cost effective alternative for their human resources system, AsureForceT Time & Labor Management Solutions.
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workforce management, time and attendance automation, human resources, payroll solutions
Asure Software

Addressing Compliance Requirements for Privacy, Data Retention, and e-Discovery

Published By: Trend Micro, Inc.     Published Date: Apr 29, 2009
Protecting individual and financial data, retaining data, and meeting e-discovery requirements are common compliance requirements across geographies and industries. Finding accurate, usable, and cost-effective solutions for meeting these requirements can make the difference between achieving compliance goals or leaving the organization vulnerable through unsecured use of sensitive data. Trend Micro Data Protection solutions for endpoint data leak protection, email encryption, and email archiving help organizations meet their compliance requirements – easily and cost-effectively.
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trend micro, trend, information technology, security, security requirements, compliance, e-discovery, customer churn
Trend Micro, Inc.

Advantage Cloud: The clear path to modernizing B2B integration

Published By: IBM     Published Date: Apr 21, 2016
"Reshaping trading partner communities with growth, agility and scalability View this ebook to learn how leading organizations are managing, deploying, designing or planning cloud-based B2B integration alternatives to future-proof their B2B trading operations. Discover the benefits that clients of IBM B2B Cloud Services cite, including: - Reduced risk and total cost of ownership (TCO) in B2B integration - Enhanced visibility and control over business processes shared with partners - Faster partner onboarding and faster, more reliable data exchange - Greater collaboration across IT, business managers and external partners"
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ibm, b2b, cloud, b2b integration, cloud computing

Advantage cloud: The clear path to modernizing B2B integration

Published By: IBM     Published Date: Jul 22, 2016
View this ebook to learn how leading organizations are managing, deploying, designing or planning cloud-based B2B integration alternatives to future-proof their B2B trading operations.
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ibm, commerce, b2b, b2b integration, ibm cloud services, knowledge management, enterprise applications

Advantage cloud: The clear path to modernizing B2B integration

Published By: IBM     Published Date: Oct 11, 2016
View this ebook to learn how leading organizations are managing, deploying, designing or planning cloud-based B2B integration alternatives to future-proof their B2B trading operations. Discover the benefits that clients of IBM Sterling B2B Cloud Services cite, including: -Reduced risk and total cost of ownership (TCO) in B2B integration - Enhanced visibility and control over business processes shared with partners - Faster partner onboarding and faster, more reliable data exchange - Greater collaboration across IT, business managers and external partners
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ibm, commerce, b2b, b2b integration, cloud, advantage cloud, networking, knowledge management

Advantages and Efficiencies of Oracle SPARC S7 Server Over Commodity Alternatives

Published By: Oracle PaaS/IaaS/Hardware     Published Date: Jul 25, 2017
This Edison Group whitepaper explores the new SPARC S7 server features and then compares this offering to a similar x86 offering.The key characteristics of the SPARC S7 to be highlighted are: Designed for scale-out and cloud infrastructures, SPARC S7 processor with greater core performance than the latest Intel Xeon E5, processor, Software in Silicon which offers hardware-based features such as data acceleration and security. The SPARC S7 is then compared to a similar x86 solution from three different perspectives, namely performance, risk and cost.
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Oracle PaaS/IaaS/Hardware

AI-Marketing Readiness im Einzelhandel und E-Commerce

Published By: Emarsys     Published Date: Mar 14, 2018
Gibt es immer noch eine Lücke zwischen den Möglichkeiten von AI Marketing-Lösungen für erfolgreiche B2C-Marketingkampagnen und der Bereitschaft von Marketern und Entscheidungsträgern, diese Technologien auch zu nutzen? Emarsys hat das Marktforschungsinstitut Forrester mit einer Studie zum Thema AI-Marketing im Retail und E-Commerce beauftragt. Die Studie steht zum kostenlosen Download für Sie bereit. Ergebnisse der Studie: Nur 52% aller Unternehmen glauben, dass Sie Echtzeit-Kundeninteraktionen umsetzen können. 86% der Befragten sind davon überzeugt, dass sie mit Hilfe von AI ihr Marketing effizienter und effektiver gestalten können. 78% geben an, innerhalb der nächsten 12 Monate ihr Budget für AI Marketing Technologien um mind. 5% erhöhen zu wollen. Untersuchte Länder: USA (42%), UK (15%), Deutschland (14%), Frankreich (14%), Australien (15%)
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AirWatch Support für Office 365

Published By: VMware AirWatch     Published Date: Nov 12, 2015
In letzter Zeit stellen Kunden immer häufiger die Frage, wie AirWatch Office 365 unterstützt. Viele fragen, ob AirWatch den Zugang zu Office 365 (O365) nicht nur auf ihren geschäftlichen Desktop-Systemen, sondern auch auf ihren Mobilgeräten steuern kann. Erfreulicherweise bietet AirWatch® by VMware® Organisationen enorme Unterstützung bei der Nutzung von O365 auf ihren Mobilgeräten. Unsere jüngste Integration mit VMware® Identity Manager bietet ein branchenerstes adaptives Zugriffskontroll-Framework, um zu gewährleisten, dass alle geschäftlichen Apps, einschließlich O365, nur auf konformen Geräten aufgerufen und verwaltet werden.
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airwatch, emm, office365, cloud, networking, it management, wireless, knowledge management
VMware AirWatch

Aliases & AKAs What Background Checks May Miss

Published By: CareerBuilder     Published Date: Apr 24, 2019
AKAs can be any alternative name or date of birth used by or associated with the candidate in the past. Conducting the search on AKA names can help ensure that you do not miss records that were logged under another name, for example a maiden name or an abbreviated version of a first name. When someone is arrested, if they do not have an ID on them they’ll be booked under whatever name they give to the police. Richard could be Rick, Elizabeth could be Beth, and John Joseph Smith-Johnson could be Joe Smith. These additional names are called alias names. When we look for records, we only have the name and date of birth to go on. Today, very often the individuals arrested provide an alternate name. If you are ONLY using the current legal name, or have search limitations such as LAST NAME ONLY, you might be missing records.
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All Commerce is Social

Published By: Acquia     Published Date: Feb 26, 2015
Way back in 1999—a thousand years ago in Internet years—a writer and designer, named Darcy DiNucci, coined the phrase Web 2.0. This marked the beginning of the web as a social experience, eventually altering commerce so that today customers can be brand advocates who play a crucial role in building your business. You already know that your customers are talking about your brand on social media platforms, posting images from your product pages to Pinterest, and checking reviews. The brick-and-mortar and virtual commerce experiences have become so intertwined that customers sometimes make an online purchase while standing in your store. So, there's no question that all commerce today is social, and this ebook will dive deeper into that concept.
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social experience, acquia, vitual commerce experience, online shopping

Alternative Legal Service Providers

Published By: Thomson Reuters     Published Date: Mar 08, 2018
In recent years, the legal marketplace has seen an influx of new start-ups and new entrants looking to challenge the long-standing service model offered by law firms to their clients. Traditionally, clients looked to their law firms to provide a full range of legal and legal-related services, i.e., to handle every aspect of a matter, even including those activities that did not involve the direct provision of legal services. Today, by contrast, consumers of legal services find themselves the beneficiaries of a new and growing number of nontraditional service providers that are changing the way legal work is getting done. These alternative providers comprise a new sector of the legal market, one that is emerging and evolving rapidly, but is still very much in its infancy.
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legal, services, lpo, accounting, audit, revenue, thomson, reuters
Thomson Reuters

An Account-Based Marketing Primer

Published By: Marketo     Published Date: Feb 29, 2016
This white paper revelas how Account-based marketing (ABM) can be an effective alternative approach to marketing for many businesses. Download this
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abm, account-based marketing, demand generation techniques, abm, benefits of account-based marketing, roi, marketo, marketing

An Alternative to ERP Platforms: How to Choose an Adaptable Financial System

Published By: UNIT4 CODA     Published Date: Jul 13, 2011
This white paper features insight from about the issues facing companies that need an adaptable financial system but not necessarily a full-blown enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.
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unit4 coda, coda financials, erp, enterprise resource planning, financial software, best-of-class systems strategy

An Alternative to Today's Distributed Content Security Chaos

Published By: Box     Published Date: Feb 13, 2015
Many CISOs admit to trepidation about the state of cybersecurity within their organizations. Why? Aside from the increasingly dangerous threat landscape, many large organizations face other security challenges, including personnel shortages, an overwhelming number of manual processes, and technology complexity. Beyond these issues however, CISOs also face the progressively difficult responsibility of securing the distributed enterprise. Aside from PCs, departmental file servers, and remote office equipment, the distributed enterprise now includes recent IT additions like mobile computing, SaaS applications, and hybrid cloud infrastructure. In aggregate, this increasingly distributed infrastructure makes information security more cumbersome.
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ciso, cybersecurity, esg, it/security, it architecture, it management

An Easy Alternative to LSMW to Update Customer Master Records in SAP

Published By: Winshuttle     Published Date: Dec 04, 2006
This article describes an easy non-technical alternative to LSMW to update customer master records in SAP in fewer steps than LSMW, without technical involvement, and without requiring authorizations in SAP.
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sap, master record, master records, legacy system migration workbench, lsmw, data migration, data management, winshuttle

An Easy, Flexible, Alternative to LSMW for Business Users

Published By: Winshuttle     Published Date: Apr 18, 2017
Uploading bulk information to SAP doesn’t have to be time consuming and complex. Rather than rely on SAP’s Legacy System Workbench (LSMW) which was designed for IT professionals for data migration projects, business users can leverage a non-technical alternative in a few simple steps to create and update data in SAP for everyday business transactions and data projects. This white paper provides a side-by-side comparison of LSMW’s 14 step process and Winshuttle Studio’s 3 step process to upload/download data and highlights why Winshuttle’s business led, IT enabled solution provides many benefits to the organization.
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An Introduction to Government Contracting

Published By: Deltek - Nethawk     Published Date: Mar 05, 2013
Doing business with the government is vastly different from working in the commercial sector, this 30- minute webcast recording spells out these differences in detail.
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government contracting, government contractors, cloud, how to
Deltek - Nethawk

Analyzing the Economic Value of HP ConvergedSystem 700 for Virtualization

Published By: HP     Published Date: Feb 02, 2015
HP Converged System 700 offers the opportunity for enterprise organizations to drastically increase their IT and user productivity at a significantly lower TCO compared with alternative infrastructure virtualization approaches. This ESG white paper presents a detailed economic analysis for HP Converged System 700, is designed to provide potential customers with a comprehensive picture of the potential direct and indirect cost and benefit drivers they should consider when evaluating a HP Converged System 700 investment.
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Anaplan für Ihren Vertrieb: Die Optimierung Ihrer Go-to-Market-Strategie

Published By: Anaplan     Published Date: Sep 19, 2019
Angesichts eines immer stärker umkämpften Marktes entwickeln vorausschauende Führungskräfte im Vertrieb immer wieder neue Absatzmöglichkeiten und Strategien, um den Wettbewerb hinter sich zu lassen. Anaplan for Sales wurde entwickelt, um die Go-to-Market-Strategie Ihres Unternehmens zu stärken und Sie als Führungskraft im Vertrieb dabei zu unterstützen, die richtigen Entscheidungen zu treffen. Was können Sie in unserem Whitepaper erfahren? • Wie können Sie die notwendige Agilität und Flexibilität im Rahmen Ihrer Vertriebsplanung erreichen? • Warum sollte die Planung für Ihre Go-to-Market-Strategie auf einer einzigen Plattform erfolgen? • Wie kann Ihnen eine moderne, Cloud-basierte Planungslösung dabei helfen, schneller die richtigen Entscheidungen zu treffen?
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Anleitung für Führungskräfte Die fünf wichtigsten Fakten zum Enterprise Mobility Management

Published By: MobileIron     Published Date: Apr 20, 2015
Diese Anleitung beschreibt nicht nur, wie Enterprise Mobility Management funktioniert, sondern zeigt auch an einem typischen Implementierungsbeispiel, wie ein Unternehmen die Einführung plant und alle Teile einer EMM-Lösung verwaltet. Diese Anleitung enthält einen detaillierten Bereitstellungsprozess unter Verwertung der gesammelten Erfahrungen und Empfehlungen zur Suche nach dem richtigen EMM-Anbieter und Schritt für Schritt umsetzbare Erkenntnisse aus der Praxis, die jedem Unternehmen bei der Umwandlung zum Mobile-First-Unternehmen helfen können.
Tags : 
mobileiron, byod, enterprise app store, productivity apps, mobile network access

Anti-Malware Battlefield Tools: Customer Perspectives and Reference RFI

Published By: Burton Group     Published Date: Apr 08, 2008
In this Methodologies and Best Practices document, Burton Group Research Director Daniel Blum recounts customer perspectives on the anti-malware battlefield playing out at the enterprise level. The document explores lessons learned, and what keeps customers awake at night even after good defensive strategies are in place. The Reference RFI alone is valuable for those switching anti-malware products, or seeking new ones.
Tags : 
burton group, best practices, malware, security, email security, network security, content filtering, intrusion detection
Burton Group

Anti-spam Comparison Report

Published By: Trend Micro SaaS     Published Date: Mar 17, 2009
West Coast Labs performed an anti-spam comparative test on various email solutions related to spam detection rate over a series of at least 100,000 emails per solution.
Tags : 
saas, trend, trend micro, software as a service, trendlabs, email security, security, interscan messaging
Trend Micro SaaS

Anti-Spam Solutions - Jan 09: Comparative Testing: Appliances, Software and Hosted Service Solutions

Published By: Trend Micro SaaS     Published Date: Feb 09, 2009
West Coast Labs performed a comparison test on a range of email solutions (appliances, software, and hosted service solutions) to measure their relative spam detection rates over a series of at least 100,000 genuine spam emails using West Coast Labs real-time spam feed.
Tags : 
saas, trend, trend micro, websense, barracuda, anti-spam, antispam, spam filter service
Trend Micro SaaS

Apache Cassandra™ Architecture

Published By: Datastax     Published Date: May 20, 2019
Data management challenges have evolved drastically over the last decade, leading most companies to rethink how they manage their data. The need for more powerful and far more flexible databases resulted in the birth of the NoSQL database Apache Cassandra™. Read this white paper to learn how Cassandra has evolved and how it works.
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