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Is Reliable Power a Priority?

Published By: Schneider Electric     Published Date: Jan 02, 2018
If not, you are increasing the risk for costly, unplanned downtime. However, despite the importance of having a reliable flow of electricity, over half of building owners rely on reactive maintenance programs to care for their equipment. This means they wait until equipment fails completely before initiating corrective action, which is typically 3-4 times more costly than taking preventive measures. A good first step to go from being reactive to proactive is having a power system assessment performed. While often deemed expensive or unnecessary, the truth is power system assessments reveal opportunities to modernize, imiprove performance and help protect employees. To learn more, download our checklist, ""Ten Ways a Power System Assessment Can Save You Money"
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electrical engineering services, electrical reliability, electrical risk assessment, power system assessment, risk assessment, mps assessment
Schneider Electric

5 Steps to Effective MPS Assessments in Large Enterprises

Published By: Lexmark     Published Date: May 28, 2014
This paper provides the 5 steps to effective MPS assessments.
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lexmark, mps assessments, 5 steps to effective mps assessments, business management, change management, enterprise software, return on investment

Managed Print Services: Reducing the Complexity and Cost of the Print Environment

Published By: Quocirca     Published Date: Jul 03, 2008
As enterprises recognize the costs associated with an uncontrolled printing environment, many are turning to specialist managed print services (MPS) providers. MPS services encompass the assessment, optimization and management of the print environment. Increasingly, MPS providers are now adopting a partnered out-tasking approach by delivering flexible services that can be tailored to individual customer requirements.
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managed print services, mps, quocirca, infrastructure, network management

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