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Using Card-Linked Offers to Acquire New Customers and Eliminate Wasteful Ad Spend - QSR

Published By: Empyr     Published Date: Jun 12, 2018
A major QSR brand wanted to increase business in a highly competitive category by acquiring new customers and eliminating wasteful spend on advertising in the process. Of equal importance was their desire to increase frequency and ticket size with their light lapsed guests.
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How Data Analytics Can Improve Speed, Efficiency and Service in QSRs

Published By: Comcast Business     Published Date: Dec 04, 2018
The use of data analytics as a driver for increased efficiencies and better customer service is proving valuable across industries. In the QSR space, data analytics is being adopted as a way to help QSRs stay competitive and grab a larger share of the market, as customers increasingly include speed and convenience as important factors in choosing where to eat.
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