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The TCO of FTP: Hidden Costs of "Free" File Sharing

Published By: SEEBURGER, Inc.     Published Date: Sep 12, 2011
Read the white paper to discover more about the true cost of "free" file sharing systems and file sharing best practices.
Tags : 
seeburger, file sharing, erp systems, file storage, security, file transwer, tco, mft, ftp, file transfer protocol, access control, authentication, security management, web service security, vulnerability management

Consolidate and Modernise B2B, File Transfer and SAP Processes. Reap Big Rewards.

Published By: SEEBURGER, Inc.     Published Date: Feb 23, 2012
By applying best practices, many best-run businesses have achieved a competitive edge from consolidating and modernising their EDI, B2B and file transfer environments - including their SAP processes. Learn their secret!
Tags : 
seeburger, streamline, mft, managed file transfer, network connections, trading partners, security, business integration server, best practices, business activity monitoring, business integration, business intelligence, business management, business process automation, business process management, project management, return on investment

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