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Maximieren Sie Ihr Datenkapital mit DellEMC Isilon

Published By: Dell EMC Storage     Published Date: Aug 22, 2019
Heutzutage benötigen Unternehmen eine hochgradig skalierbare, sichere und Multi-Cloud-integrierte Dateispeicher-Infrastruktur. Dell EMC, ein führendes Unternehmen in diesem Bereich, hat soeben dasBetriebssystem Dell EMC Isilon OneFS 8.2 vorgestellt, zusammen mit demIsilon H5600, einem neuen hybriden Scale-out-fähigen NAS-Speicher-Node, der dichter und schneller ist. Mit diesen neuen Innovationen ermöglicht Isilon es Unternehmen,neue Workloads zu beschleunigen und neue Chancen und Effizienzen zu schaffen. Dadurch schreiten sie bei Ihrer IT-Modernisierung deutlich voran.
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Dell EMC Storage

Maximizing IT Security with Configuration Management

Published By: Puppet     Published Date: Mar 09, 2017
Configuration management can play an incredibly important role in IT security due to its basis in establishing and maintaining a known and consistent state of the physical and software elements at your organization’s disposal. This white paper explores how to leverage configuration management to bolster security and meet compliance regulations. Uncover some of the key benefits, including: • Creation of a Standard Operating Environment (SOE) • Reporting on and control of configuration drift • Enhanced change remediation • Insight into configuration knowledge • And more
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the Mastering the Complexity of Revenue Management white paper

Published By: Intacct Corporation     Published Date: Jan 26, 2016
Get the white paper "Mastering the Complexity of Revenue Management" to learn: • 5 specific steps you can take to ensure better compliance, improved visibility, and lower costs. • 9 key revenue management technology requirements that decision makers can't afford to miss. • Why Vendor Specific Objective Evidence (VSOE) is worrying more and more revenue managers and what you need to do about it. • 7 benefits that optimized revenue management brings to your organization, including accelerated closing, reduced revenue leakage, and forecasting visibility.
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Intacct Corporation

Accelerate Business through a Cost-efficient Virtual Workforce

Published By: Citrix     Published Date: May 13, 2009
The traditional workforce model of permanent employees located in a single or small number of offices has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, accelerated by the effects of the current economic landscape. Drivers of this trend include initiatives to drive growth and expand into other markets, improve customer service, speed to market, improve decision-making processes, and increase both worker and overall organisational productivity.
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citrix, virtualization, virtual workers, remote, remotely, outsource, teleworkers, business productivity

Industry Partners = Career-Ready Students

Published By: Stratasys EMEA     Published Date: Feb 21, 2019
The adage “never stop learning” is alive and well for both the students at Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) and its Additive Lab Consortium members. The school of 2,900 students, located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee has ties with 47 manufacturing companies, including Kohler, Snap-on Tools, Baxter Medical and Master Lock. The Consortium was born out of necessity 27 years ago when MSOE was faced with a 50 percent shortfall in the funds needed to get an additive lab up-and-running. The school approached industry and opened partnership talks around additive technology. Four founding partners came on board, each contributing one-eighth of the cost of the lab. In turn they were provided with non-competitive, shared access. Currently, consortium members pay yearly dues in return for lab hours and access to additive manufacturing expertise.
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Stratasys EMEA

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